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Updated: Mar 2

7 am Friday morning. The weeks seems to have flown by. Today's will be my last chance to get last minute things I need to take along. It's funny how I feel, nervous,scared,excited all at the same time. We get so used to our everyday and what we know. As I was feeding the goats this morning ,I managed to somehow get Milo's horn in my knee. I was rushing by ,as he turned his head. I guess a little love message so I don't forget them when I'm away.

Morning think.... Yes people I am about to take on perhaps one of the most intense,challenging adventures of my life. I have been invited by Novu Mundo Portugal to participate in an Outward Bound Leadership training cou

rse.In a few days I will make my way to Translavania, Romania to take part with an International group of Outdoor trainers.By doing this I hope to raise awareness of the benefits of outdoor activities for Teens. It's proven it helps build confidence, inner strength and positivity during these years that can be a huge challenge. This time though, I'll be challenged. I'm expecting to be pushed to my limits and taken out of my comfort zone. The 10 day training course including a 3 day mountain, snow expedition will definitely be a challenge as well as a moment for me to disconnect to reconnect. I will start a blog that will be posted on our NGO website. Thank you in advance to everyone that believes in me and that is helping me get equipped and prepared for this adventure. #outdoors4teens #disconnecttoreconnect #outwardboundromania #nuvomondo #aquintadesalir

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