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Kids Club


          Saturdays Kids Club 10am-3pm              Ages 5-9 years old

Kids club was created to give younger children the chance to enjoy and grow in the outdoors. The day consists of a morning adventure along the coast, through the forest or at the beach. Adventures always have a theme whether it be garbage picking or searching for dinosaur footprints it always a natural, learning and energetic experience. IPA (Our Boxer Dog) and Sake (Puppy Border Collie) love to lead these adventures. It's a great way to start the day with exercise and fresh air and a lot of laughs.


We have lunch between 12-1 this time is important for everyone to enjoy some down time together whilst filling their bellies and preparing for the afternoon activities.


Afternoons are spent creating and enjoying “A Quinta” based on our mini farm and forest. We never run out of fun activities. Activities vary from feeding and looking after the animals, building and sculpting with clay, drawing, painting, jewelry making, upcycling the garbage as well as improving and creating in the 'kids club forest adventure area' made and created by them.

Kids Club is run by one of our leaders, we speak to the kids in English, Portuguese or French. We focus on helping individuals gain confidence whilst learning to work as a team.

We guarantee everyone has a blast.

Summer Camps 2022


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Youth Club


A Quinta’s Outdoor Youth Development Program

10-17 years old

Runs from September-June 

\Tuesdays and Thursdays  

Registration Deadline  August 15, 2022 

Please contact us for price and conditions


Young people have the opportunity to develop through activities and outdoor adventures, positive and fun. 

Our goal is to help them gain self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect while creating sensitivity and respect for others, animals, nature, and the planet.

All our programs are led by experienced, qualified, passionate leaders. The groups are small so we can customise the relationships and create bonds of trust.

​We are living through some difficult times and we are aware that the younger generations are being hit hard. We believe that through outdoor nature programs, we can do our part to help young people find a positive balance. Our programs help them reduce problems related to stress, anxiety, depression, screen time, peer pressure, social media, and much more.

Language is not a barrier as we speak Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, and German.

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