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J-1 Romania here we come. This evening we will enjoy a soup and drink with some of our family before the big adventure.

Looking forward to this adventure and can't wait to listen to the songs the Quinta teens uploaded for me ...

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This morning I have my last session with our Saturday morning Teen fitness. A little moment in the week when we all get together and enjoy each others company outdoors. We do all kinda of activities from hiking,trail running,football etc. I have watched these teens grow over the past few years, most of them are twice my size. After a long week of studying they all join us with a smile. Today I will share my future adventures with them and know I am just a representative of our little community. Of course I'm not completed packed, and keep thinking of what I should take. The Quinta will be cared for by Patricia my most supportive partner and our friends. Our printing business will also continue in my absence. I will try and be sure to take deep breaths and make the best of this adventure. I look forward to returning with new activities ideas and loads of motivation.

As I sit here thinking I have a wave of sadness as yesterday our village lost an important figure. Sr Zé left us at 97 yes old. Having lived in Canada for many years and a big fan of hockey, he always had time for a chat and a smile. This afternoon we will attend his funeral with the rest of our village and celebrate such a kind, welcoming soul.

I also continue to feel honoured to have been invited by my friend Ana Rita Novu Mondo to attend this Outward Bound Romania program.

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