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Welcome to Associação Pelicano Radiante

Renowned for our positive impact on the oceans, empowering youth through outdoor leadership programs and our integral presence in Portugal's vibrant network, we proudly stand as Associação Pelicano Radiante.

As devoted partners of the Aspiring UNESCO Geoparque Oeste, we actively preserve oceans and cultivate connections to nature, geological wonders, historical treasures and rich cultural heritage. In 2023, our unwavering commitment earned us a prestigious nomination for the Zayed Sustainability Prize.

We recognize the imperative of building an international community. Whether you're a local, expat or a passionate individual from any corner of the world, we share a common goal: to contribute to the well-being of our planet.

Join our members in experiencing  the cultural, environmental and community events we hold throughout the year. 


Discover Associação Pelicano Radiante’s Haven

Nestled just 800 meters from the captivating São Martinho Bay in the quaint fishing village of Salir do Porto, Associação Pelicano Radiante finds its home. Welcome to "A Quinta," a vibrant sanctuary situated in the heart of this historical parish, seamlessly blending permaculture, sustainable living and community bonds.

Our association is privileged to share its home with natural wonders, including the geological treasure of dinosaur footprints, Portugal's largest sand dune and the cliff-hanging historical Ocean Chapel of Santana. This unique setting, where history and nature converge, provides an inspiring backdrop for our mission, complemented by unbelievable wild ocean views.

Moreover, Salir do Porto plays a crucial role in the Aspiring UNESCO Geoparque Oeste, contributing to the preservation and celebration of geological, historical and cultural heritage.


Step into our haven, where the lively presence of farm animals and flourishing wildlife enhances its unique charm.

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