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A Quinta Salir do Porto logo
A Quinta Salir do Porto logo

🌿At A Quinta, meaning 'farm' in Portuguese, we have established a small permaculture farm nestled in the picturesque town of Salir do Porto along the Portuguese ocean coastline. 🌿 We take great pride in the diversity of our farm family and the collaborative efforts that shape our sustainable practices.

Join us on a journey as we introduce the invaluable members of our team, each playing a unique role in our thriving ecosystem. Over the past four years, we've dedicated ourselves to the transformation of challenging sandy and clay soil into rich, fertile ground. Today, our farm is an oasis where a diverse array of plants, crops, and trees flourish.

At A Quinta, we believe in the power of sustainable agriculture and the positive impact it can have on our environment. We invite you to explore the beauty of our permaculture farm, where the harmony between nature and cultivation creates a truly unique and vibrant experience.

A Quinta 

Salir do Porto

Sponsored by Auchan since 2023!

We are grateful to Auchan, our local supermarket sponsor, for their generous support. They provide us with fruits and vegetables no longer fit to sell, nourishing our animals and reducing food waste. Auchan's commitment aligns with our mission of sustainable living and ethical farming practices.

 Varon - A Quinta´s  Noble Leader

Varon, our purebred Portuguese Lusitano horse, enriches our soil and brings joy to the farm. His nutrient-rich manure fertilizses not only our land but also many local farms, contributing to a flourishing agricultural community.

IPA Cool Dog - The Jolly Guardian (4 years old)

  • IPA Cool Dog, our funny 5-year-old boxer, guards and entertains. Her role extends to being a loving mom to our cats, Bica, Mica, Whiskey, and Ginga. Coastal cleanups become a joy with her enthusiastic participation.

Sake - The Peace Keeper (2 years old)

Sake, our clever 2-year-old collie, maintains order, guides goats, and leads hikes. Her intolerance for conflicts ensures a harmonious farm, and her herding skills keep the goats in line.

Eco-Goats - Ritinha, Milo, Dolly, Stormy, Eunice, Duna, and Solo - Trailblazers

Our eco-goats transform landscapes, promote biodiversity, and create a tranquil atmosphere with their gentle bleats. During farm days, they become the stars, allowing visitors to experience close interactions and learn about sustainable land management.

Rescued Cats - Bica, Mica, Whiskey, and Ginga - Confort Guardians

Our rescued cats follow, serving as comforting companions and efficient rodent controllers. Their friendly nature makes farm visits an enjoyable experience for all.

Miss Piggy - The Playful Helper

Miss Piggy, our cheerful pig, avoids waste and adds playfulness to the farm. Her contented grunts contribute to a peaceful ambiance, while her rooting activity helps prepare the soil for planting.

Indian Runner Ducks - James, Jenny, Jill, and Jane - Bug Busters

Indian Runner Ducks - James, Jenny, Jill, and Jane - Bug Busters

Graceful Indian Runner ducks—James, Jenny, Jill, and Jane—patrol the farm, managing pests and contributing to the serene atmosphere. Their quacks become a soothing melody during farm walks.

Garden Chickens - Whitney, Rolland, and soon to be more - Pest Managers

Garden Chickens - Whitney, Rolland, and soon to be more - Pest Managers

Led by Whitney and Rolland, our garden chickens actively manage pests, contribute to soil health, and bring joy with their rhythmic clucks. Farm visitors get a firsthand look at the importance of these feathered friends in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

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