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And I'm off.

Here I go. On the bus from Soa Martinho do Porto to Lisboa. It's 5pm the bus was exactly on time. The bus is full.. Always a strange feeling going into the unknown. So many people think it's easy for me ,but it's not. Those funny feelings in my belly and an urge to cry is how I feel. Crazy I know, at the same time I'm excited and looking forward to seeing a new place with new people. I know I'll be challenged and that's the whole point . I'm now going to listen to some music and think about how lucky I am to get such an experience and for my family and friends that are behind me. I did have to stop off at cousin Claire's for her to attach an airtag to my necklace. So once again and way to help each other with anxiety. We seem to have anxiety in our genes. As many of us do. And if it makes my little cousin feel better tracking me, so be it. I hope people with follow my journey as I promise to share my true emotions along the way and maybe help others especially Teens of today challenge their fears and spread their wings and enjoy life to it's max. Nature , animals and sports have always been my passion and peace.

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