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A Quinta Salir do Porto logo
Quase todas as Quintas-feiras. N'A Quinta de Salir, jantamos juntos e por vezes outras coisas acontecem. 
Contata-nos para mais informaçoes.

Tai Chi Rural

Yoga na Quinta

Com o Jeff Herda
Com a Andrea Stern

Live is movement in every aspect.


My name is Andrea Stern. 

I am a Physical Therapist and Yoga teacher with 15 years of experience.

My passion is to guide you easily, healthily, and effectively to your Yogapraxis.

I like to motivate you and respect your current ability to move. I support you with hands-on to encourage you to feel your body. 


Yoga is a praxis that teaches and shows you the connection between breath, body, and soul. Because of that, it isn’t just a physical praxis; it's an awareness of yourself and your surrounding.

To practice Yoga outside is magical, and I am happy to share with you this opportunity at the Quinta Salir do Porto and feel Nature, which is our biggest resource. 


I look forward to meeting and welcoming you to the Yoga class and the Quinta Salir do Porto.   


Mondays 10.00 -11.00 am 


Please bring your yoga mat, a blanket if you like, or anything helpful and needed for your Yogapraxis.



Andrea Stern 

Tai Chi Chuan Class
At: A Quinta Salir do Porto
In this class we will be learning a Yang style form starting with section 1 of long (108 movement) form.
Focus will be on relaxation, body movement, and posture starting with exercises, Chi Kung (Qi Gong), Tai Chi basics, and form. This is a relaxed and open class. We welcome all levels of students and practitioners, beginners to advanced.
Instructor: Jeff Herda has practiced Tai Chi for over 35 years and is a level 4 instructor with Northwest Tai Chi Chuan Association  His main, initial teacher is Harvey Kurland and also studied with Andrew Dale and has attended many classes, lessons, events, and workshops with many other instructors and masters. 


11.30 -12.30 pm 

Open Monday

n'A Quinta de Salir

A Quinta de Salir do Porto 

abre as portas aos sócios.


10.00 - 11.00   Yoga na Quinta - €10

11.30 - 12.30   Tai Chi Rural - €5

12.30 - 13.30   Almoço - €10

13.30 - 14.30   Conversas em português - €10

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