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Enjoying my Saturday morning coffee at our local café

This morning I have my last session with our Saturday morning Teen fitness. A little moment in the week when we all get together and enjoy each others company outdoors. We do all kinda of activities from hiking,trail running,football etc. I have watched these teens grow over the past few years, most of them are twice my size. After a long week of studying they all join us with a smile. Today I will share my future adventures with them and know I am just a representative of our little community. Of course I'm not completed packed, and keep thinking of what I should take. The Quinta will be cared for by Patricia my most supportive partner and our friends. Our printing business will also continue in my absence. I will try and be sure to take deep breaths and make the best of this adventure. I look forward to returning with new activities ideas and loads of motivation.

As I sit here thinking I have a wave of sadness as yesterday our village lost an important figure. Sr Zé left us at 97 yes old. Having lived in Canada for many years and a big fan of hockey, he always had time for a chat and a smile. This afternoon we will attend his funeral with the rest of our village and celebrate such a kind, welcoming soul.

I also continue to feel honoured to have been invited by my friend Ana Rita Novu Mondo to attend this Outward Bound Romania program.

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Good Luck!!!

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